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PaperDrop Imaging proudly offers paperless solutions that are convenient, affordable, and comprehensive - we take the paper and the work out of paperwork.
Did you know that it costs $20 in labor just to file a document? On top of that, more than 1 out of every 10 is still either misplaced or lost. This costs organizations:

   • $120 per misfiled
   • $250 per lost file
What do the Federal Courts, Internal Revenue Service, and the FBI have in common? They all support, recognize, and are taking advantage of the significant benefits associated with going paperless due to current legislation!
Find out how our strict privacy measures, cutting edge security techniques, and quality-control procedures prepare your filing system for the 21st century and its growing compliance requirements.
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Our Services Please select a feature: Converts your entire library of files into electronic format. Our web-based system maintains and safeguards your entire database of information. Customized graphics and content deliver tech-savvy marketability. User-assigned file sub-sections make pinpointing information faster than ever. Company-tailored reports generated on demand allow tracking of pertinent data. Dynamic tools allow employers to limit worker access and track employee usage. Users define their own custom search fields to expedite file location and retrieval. Streamlines information securely to anyone - anytime - anywhere.
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